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Subject: He Talked my clothes off - part 3He talked my clothes off - Part 3
By ParkstrangerI dressed in my CFM (come fuck me) outfit which simply consisted of a Preteen Porn pair
of shorts (very loose) and a sort of baseball top that buttoned up the
front and kind of hugged me close down over my ass when worn outside of my
pants. It had no sleeves so it was sort of a muscle shirt. I loved it
because I could look sort of normal when it was done up but very slutty
when undone so it was perfect. So perfect in fact that I had three pairs of
them.I know my mind wasn�t in full gear because the shorts I had pulled on (with
nothing Preteen Porn on under them) were of all colors, yellow. It was just that they
matched the top somewhat -- at least in my mind but then that�s not saying
much because I�m so color blind it�s pathetic. But all this didn�t occur to
me until I was out the door and on my bike on my way to my favourite park
the park where all the old pervs hung out during the day in the summer.It was a bit of a hike from where I lived to the park and I was just a half
mile or so down the road when I realized that I�d best not be seen Preteen Porn
anybody who would be asking why I wasn�t in school or what the hell I was
doing. So I decided to take the long way around the town to get to the
park. It would probably take me another half hour longer to get there but
better safe than sorry I thought. The extra time gave me some time to start
thinking about what I was doing. Which was what? Going to a park to seduce
old pervs -- Christ would anybody in their right mind be doing what I had
in my little mind to do?No, probably not, no definitely not. I decided to take a time out and
veered off the road and parked my bike up against a tree in a bushy area
where I wouldn�t be seen by anybody. Hell it wasn�t even 9:00 AM yet and I
had all day in front of me. I�d decided that getting my day started by
taking a rough fucking from my neighbour�s older brother must have fucked
with my head a little bit but I also couldn�t deny that I was just horny as
hell and wanted more cock this day -- much more cock. But, have you ever
sat down and considered what it would be like to get gang fucked? I mean
really thought about it? Do you know what it takes to be able to handle
that? Not just physically but in your mind to. Do you think for a minute
the pervs who want to fuck you and make you suck their cocks won�t get
rough with you? I have had two guys before Preteen Porn -- early when I first got into
doing this for guys and now men. Ben Granger and Buddy Worthington did me
together after school last fall one day when they kind of waylaid me coming
home from school. They invited me to come with them for a smoke behind the
old church that was abandoned and the grass was about 4 feet high in the
yard. We had no sooner got there when Ben pushed me into Buddy and when I
tripped in the grass Buddy caught me and laid me down and held me while Ben
pulled my pants down and off. Hell before I knew it he was on top of me
straddling my chest while Buddy held my arms back over my head. Soon I was
naked and twisted so I had to squirm over on my tummy with my ass in the
air and Buddy cock was already out and pushing into me. From there it was
just fast and furious fucking with me on the receiving end. Thankfully they
weren�t monster cocks but big enough when you are being raped and had no
chance to get prepared. Needless to say they took turns with me and by the
time both Ben and Buddy had shot their cum up in me I was hot and turned on
so when Ben wanted a second go I just smiled back at him and told him to
come on ahead and give it to me. He did, then Buddy did again and I paid
for that little smart ass move big time.Anyway, here I am sitting in the bush on a fallen tree thinking about what
I was doing here today. I was going to go to a park where old men hung out
and flaunt my sexy ass to see if I could interest them in a 13 year old boy
who liked sex with men. A boy who was willing to fuck and suck them all
they wanted and let them have their way with me. Did I really want to do
this? Would I be as brave as I now felt when the time came?I decided I would keep going and see what would Preteen Porn happen. I told myself I
could always back out if I got scared but I also pretty much knew that I
was going to let my little head do the thinking for me today. I knew I
would go through with it if the opportunity was there. I also knew that
there would be two men who would be coming to look for me -- which made me
question again. How did this old smooth talking man from the city know so
much about everything? Was he a cop high up in the department? He had
information that I just couldn�t understand how he got it and got it so
fast. It wasn�t so much it was a mystery, but that it kind of bothered me
not knowing. I was going to ask him if I seen him which I expected I would.I came into the park from the back way to avoid being seen by anybody
because I wanted time to sort of look around and see who might be around
today. I thought it would be good if I saw them before they seen me and I
was still wavering a bit with my nerves. There were lots of different
trails into the park so it was easy to come and go without being seen if
you wanted -- at least that�s what I thought. I had just locked my bike up
to a tree and stashed my little backpack and was standing leaning back
against the tree sort of absently undoing the buttons on my shirt and
deciding on where I would head first when I looked up only to see a man was
standing about twenty feet away just looking at me with a slight smile
pasted on his face. I just sort of stayed right where I was leaning back
against the tree not knowing what to do or say because he caught me so much
by surprise. He had his hands clasped behind his back as he stood there
looking me up and down. I could see his eyes taking me in like I was on
display for him which I guess I pretty much was. When Preteen Porn he brought one hand
around in front and sort of twirled his fingers in a circle motion I was at
first confused so he did it again.It dawned on me that he wanted me to turn around and show him the rest of
me from behind. To this day I don�t know what made me do it but I did. I
slowly turned my back to him. I knew he wanted to see my ass and legs but
my shirt was too long and it hung down over my butt so when I turned I sort
of arched my ass out even farther than it normally stuck out which was a
lot. I never heard him come up behind me and again was a little startled
when I felt my shirt being lifted up so he could get a better look at my
ass. He just reached around me and undid the last button on my shirt and
pulled it back over my shoulders and stripped it right off.�Umm, what a lovely sight for first thing in the morning�, he kind of
whispered in my ear as now his hands were both wrapped around me pulling me
back into him as he ran them up and down me from my tits to my lower
belly. I just melted like hot butter Preteen Porn as he kept feeling me all over. Now he
had his lips on my neck and was running his tongue from my neck to my ear
making me shiver all over. No longer did I have any thoughts of backing
out. That option didn�t even exist now either as he pushed my shorts to the
ground and told me to step out of them. I felt the shuffling behind me and
knew he was getting his hard cock out. If I�d ever had any doubt about the
aggressiveness of old men they were long gone now as I stood wrapped in
this man�s arms being felt up all over and loving every second of it. I put
up no resistance to him. He could have whatever he wanted and he wasn�t
leaving much question about what he wanted as he had now bent me forward to
the tree and his hands were squeezing each ass cheek quite hard and making
me even hotter as I pushed back into him now letting little moans of desire
escape my lips. He was again licking my neck and ears as he pulled me back
into him running his cock between my ass cheeks. He whispers harshly in my
ear, �I�ve gotta fuck this sweet, sweet ass of yours boy, are you ready
for my cock huh are you ready for me?�To answer him I arched my ass and got him lined up at my pussy and shoved
back into him. With Tommy�s cum still running out of me it served as a
great lube as he went all the way and I could feel his pubic hair against
me. Then in frantic thrusts he fucked me like that bent over holding on to
the tree for dear life getting the uh, uh, uh, uh as each stroke bottomed
out in me. I didn�t know how big he Preteen Porn was but my pussy could handle him
easily and so it went again uh, uh, uh, in every inward stroke. Preteen Porn I think it
was around the twentieth �uh� that he stopped frozen deep in me as I
felt the shutter and shake of his legs as he unloaded in me. Again I was
getting a flood of cum shooting up my ass. He just clutched me to him as
each throb of his cock spew more and more cum in me then he slumped over
me. I kind of collapsed into to the tree with the combination of his weight
and my now suddenly weak legs. Oh but it felt so dam good I wanted him to
stay there forever but that was not going to happen. Like I found with the
older generation, it was pretty much one and done but in this case I could
sure understand. It must have been awhile since he�d had a good fuck
because he had one heavy load of cum. As time went on I began to realize
that I had that kind of effect on old men.9:30 or about in the morning and I�ve now been fucked twice and am again
trying to clean up a mega load of cum. I need not have worried too much
about it though because it seemed that news traveled fast on the pervert
express in the park.My fucker had left about 5 minutes ago and I had just got my breath and
somewhat cleaned up and pulled my shorts up and had my shirt on but not
buttoned when I heard a noise behind me again. Still leaning against the
tree facing away from the path I turned and took a peek around the tree
only to see three of them standing there looking in my direction and
guffawing each other. I could have sworn I was seeing triplets as they were
all about the same height, weight and body make up. All sort of husky and
wearing thin overcoats and I think if you looked up pervert in the
dictionary you would see a picture of these three. Scruffy whiskers the
works and I�m not too sure if you could have counted ten teeth between
them. �Oh fuck, I thought to myself now you�ve done it you idiot
Ricky.�Well one thing was for sure -- I had woke up horny this morning and after
reading about the boy who was taken out and forced to have sex with a man
my hormones started working overtime. Then came what I�ve started to refer
to as the Tommy fucking incident. Then after that, be dammed if I didn�t
get even hornier and then came the phone call that sort of tipped the
scales sending me in the direction of this park thinking about cock, cock
and more cock. So, now before what I thought was about 9:30 in the morning
I�d been fucked twice and had copious amounts of cum running out of me
still and here I was staring at three more cocks (yes they now had them out
and pointing straight at me) so it was for sure that if it was a gangbang I
came looking for I was going to get fucking gangbanged for real. It would
no longer be a fantasy or sexy thought in my head -- it would be a memory I
could call up whenever I wanted.They kind of came shuffling up to me and surrounded me telling me that they
wanted me to take a little walk with them. I was sort of in a daze as they
more or less herded me along a path taking us deeper into the woods all the
time I was again getting felt up all over -- my arms, my back, my tits and
tummy and especially my ass and legs. They did what they wanted and I just
let them. Pretty much the next thing I remember is being stripped naked
again and pushed belly first over a fallen log that perched me perfectly
with my ass at the exact level for them to just stand there and thrust
their cocks in either end Preteen Porn -- mouth or ass. And they did. Thrust them in me
that is.They took turns making me suck and fuck at the same time. When one cock
with sinking into my ass the other was pulling back out of my mouth and I
guess it would be more accurate to describe as getting fucked in the ass
and mouth at the same time. They did do one thing though. When one came in
my ass they would switch places and the guy fucking my mouth would go to my
ass and then the third would enter my mouth. The cum running down my legs
and everywhere now was unreal but I actually don�t remember the last man
cuming in me because I either passed out or simply fell asleep from
exhaustion. I was a rag doll when they got done and all I remember is them
cleaning off and zipping up and watching them disappear down the path out
of sight.I needed rest so I gathered up my stuff and found a bush I could crawl
under and go to sleep. I went to sleep thinking here it is only like 10:30
and I have been fucked 5 times now and I got gang fucked by three of them
and uh, well I uh fucking loved it. What kind of a slut have I become I
wondered? Was I ready to quit now? I Preteen Porn wasn�t sure but I knew I needed some
rest and alone time. I got a towel out of my bag and a bottle of water (Boy
Scouts -- be Prepared they said) and cleaned myself up as best I could and
put a lot of deodorant on me cause I stunk big time.I woke up re-energized about a half hour later. Dam I felt sore -- well yes
my pussy Preteen Porn was a bit sore but mostly muscles I didn�t know you needed to use
getting fucked like this. My hips were sore, my mouth or actually jaw
muscles were sore and my tummy was sore being bent over that tree for over
an hour. But that wasn�t my immediate problem. My immediate problem was
that someone was with me in this patch of bush I was under that I thought
hid me. These fucking yellow pants, man was I dumb to wear these dam Preteen Porn things
today -- of all days.Hands were rubbing up and down the back of my full smooth legs and over my
very ample ass and then up and inside the leg and then fingers were probing
my pussy which of course offered no resistance to them. As his breathing
started to get heavier I turned to see who was molesting me now. I was
almost shocked when I recognized our school janitor old black Bert we
called him. He lived alone over on this side of town and I think only
worked 3 days a week and mostly on weekends. He gave me a little smirk as
he was now finger fucking me with two big fingers pumping in and out of me.�Trying to hide in dem big yellow bloomers yas got on there Ricky
boy?� he asked. As he was talking he was pulling my shorts down over my
ass and had them around my legs where I had to lift up to let him strip
them off me.�What are you going to do Bert�, I almost pleaded.�What chew think I gonna do boy�, says Bert as he was undoing his
belt and pushing his pants down. �I gonna fuck you real good boy that
what I gonna do.� �I watched you fucking boy an you look real nice
wit did big nice smooth ass a bobbing up an a down as does boys be fucking
yous an I wanna get me some of dis nice ass of yourn.�Translation:I was going to give old black Bert and very nice fuck and I was going to
take his big black snake as far up my boy pussy as I possibly could and
make big old black Bert shoot his black cum way up my ass and I was going
to make sure that old black Bert had the best Preteen Porn piece of ass he had ever
had. And I did.I did eventually get home riding and walking like I�d just rode a horse
about 100 miles bareback but a nice long soak in the tub did wonders and
who knows? Tomorrow was PD day and another day off school then the weekend
-- nah, I couldn�t could I?The end.Thanks to all who sent me the nice mail -- I�m not sure if I replied to you
all but please Preteen Porn know I do appreciate the efforts.Thank
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